Weeping Will Not Save Me


Working will not save me;
Purest deeds that I can do,
Holiest thoughts and feelings too,
Cannot form my soul anew;
Working will not save me.

Jesus wept and died for me;
Jesus suffered on the tree;
Jesus waits to make me free,
He alone can save me.

Weeping will not save me;
Though my face were bathed in tears,
That could not allay my fears,
Could not wash the sins of years;
Weeping will not save me.

Waiting will not save me;
Helpless, guilty, lost I lie,
In my ear is mercy’s cry;
If I wait I can but die:
Waiting will not save me.

Praying will not save me;
All the prayers that I could say
Could not wash my sins away,
All I owe could never pay:
Praying will not save me.

Faith in Christ will save me;
Let me trust Thy gracious Son,
Trust the work that He has done,
To His arms, Lord, help me run;
Faith in Christ will save me.

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