Precious Love, The Love of Mother

1.Precious love, the love of mother,
Broad and deep beyond all praise!
Precious love, it stirs my spirit
Gives me gladness all my days.
Mother pray’d when I was weeping,
Made my sorrows all her own;
And when I was glad and smiling
Sang her praises at the Throne.

2. Precious Book, my mother’s Bible,
Which she read me morn and night.
Still I see her read, and, pausing,
Call some treasure to my sight;
“Who-so-ev-er but believeth
Shall receive eternal life.”
Precious words of her reciting,
Still my strength in mortal strife!

3.When I lie alone and troubled,
Restless with ex-hausting fears,
Mother’s voice, in hymns she sang me,
Echoes living in my ears:
“From the rock flow springs of water
In the desert flowers grow.”
“Those who walk the way with Jesus
Need fear nothing here below.”

4.Mother’s life was sweet and humble,
Strong and firm in doing right,
I can make my life worth living
With her ever in my sight.
Mother, in a world of tempests,
Fought the good fight all her days;
Soon, by streams of living water,
I shall live with her always.

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