Bringing our all


1.  Bringing our all, to offer Gems of our treasure-store,
     Self and heart let us proffer, Here at the stable door.
     Truth is its best adorning, Love is its purest worth
     This is the holy morning, Day of our Savior’s birth!

2.  Blest with all heaveny treasure Since when we first believed,
     Let us, in grateful measure, Give as we have received.
     Joy filled beyond all fullness, Hope filled beyond all days,
     Let us with heart and wholeness Render our Savior praise.

3.  Shepherds in awe and wonder, Keeping their flock by night,
     Saw the sky rent asunder By a celestial light
     Then, the glad tidings, given Hastened the manger nigh,
     And, like the host of heaven, Glorified God Most High.

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